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Frank Bruni gives Double Crown two stars in today's Times: "It's an intensely pleasant place to hang out, the friendly service and festive atmosphere papering over the menu's weak spots." [NYT]
♦ Bloomberg's Ryan Sutton probably won't be returning to Jeffrey Chodorow's new steakhouse ("Center Cut serves a variety of items that should have died in the previous century"). But he's pretty pleased with Tom Valenti's West Branch. [Bloomberg]
♦ Where to eat out, order in, drink, and party for Thanksgiving. [Eater]

♦ Pete Wells of the Times gives La Superior, the taco joint in South Williamsburg, an enthusiastic recommendation. [NYT]
Top Chef contestant Hung Huynh is planning to open a kosher restaurant. [GS]
♦ The iconic Amsterdam Avenue bar P&G is closing at the end of the year, but it will be reopening nearby. [NYO]
♦ Barack Obama will not be hiring a celebrity chef to run the White House kitchen. [NYDN]