Hasn't Anne Hathaway been through enough, you fiends? The pixie-ish actress is just getting a break from the nonstop tabloid coverage of her breakup with her ex, Italian playboy and scam artist Raffaello Follieri, and his subsequent arrest for fraud. But even though Follieri's in jail, the relationship is still haunting Hathaway: the rumor is that he had a stash of nude photos of the actress, which are now in the hands of the FBI and...maybe somewhere else?

The Enquirer has learned exclusively that her ex-lover Raffaello Follieri took naked photos of the actress...

In additional to the naked photos he took of Anne, 25, he also prized a sizzling photo of her in black fishnet stockings, a garter belt and bustier that totally exposed her top. Follieri, 30, supposedly paid a very famous photographer to take that steamy shot.

These photos apparently weren't a huge secret. Hathaway's brother, for chrissake, went to a storage unit to try to retrieve the shots (according to the Enquirer), only to find out that the FBI had gotten there a day earlier. That is one good brother, regardless.

The question now is, how long before these photos are leaked? The "famous photographer" presumably has copies. Follieri's friends might even have copies-he seems like the kind of guy who might pass such things around. And the FBI itself is not a leak-proof place. We'll give it another two weeks or so. If you hear anything, let us know.

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