It's a pattern if not a rule in politics: the more populist the politician, the more lavish the personal lifestyle. John Edwards-son of a millworker and champion of the other, forgotten America-has the most valuable home in the North Carolina county in which he lives. Since cable news has become an extension of politics, it should be no surprise that a news anchor can maintain a double life. CNN's puffy-faced Poujadist, Lou Dobbs, saved his TV career by channeling the anger of America's redundant middle-aged white men. And yet Idaho-bred Dobbs' lavish home outside New York qualifies him as a member of the overclass against which he rails. It's one thing to wade through the property documents; but here are satellite photographs which show the driveway leading up to Dobbs' country house on Wantage's Quarry Road, the swimming pool and tennis court, and the vast hatched lawn that surrounds the compound. The image isn't detailed enough to show the cars in the driveway, but it's safe to assume that one of them is Dobbs' un-American Aston Martin.