It's always refreshing to see the leaders of lesser nations gadding about and having affairs with celebrities. It's positively European. Michael Misick, the Premier of the tiny little Turks and Caicos, is finding his affair a bit less breezy, however; his wife (former All of Us actress LisaRaye McCoy) just had her PR firm issue a press release saying that Misick is creeping around with the host of BET's 106 & Park. You just don't get untainted politico-celebrity voyeurism like this in America:

According to publicity firm Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates, the two were seen "canoodling" during the T&C Music Festival over the weekend while [Misick's wife] LisaRaye was in New York. Sources have even reported that Rocsi stayed at the Misick home and hosted guests as if she was the lady of the house," the release stated.

The harlot was laying about as if she was the lady of the house, she was! We suspect much handkerchief-fluttering will ensue. And then a divorce. [EURweb via Stereohyped]