Hackers brought down the website for Russia's state-sponsored news agency, RIA Novosti, for several hours today with a series of cyber attacks. This in the wake of three days of fighting between Russia and Georgia. "'The DNS-servers and the site itself have been coming under severe attack,' said Maxim Kuznetsov, head of the RIA Novosti IT department." It's hard to imagine why in the world anyone would want to cripple good ol' RIA Novosti's news-spreading capabilities. Oh, in unrelated news, here is the rest of the Kremlin-backed article.

"A top Russian diplomat accused foreign media on Sunday of pro-Georgian bias in their coverage of the ongoing conflict.

"Russia says Georgian forces have killed around 2,000 South Ossetian civilians, mainly Russian nationals, since the start of the offensive, and that 34,000 locals have been forced to flee to Russia. In response to the Georgian attacks, Russia sent tanks and troops into the province, and carried out a series of air strikes on Georgian military targets." [en.rian.ru]