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Why has everyone from Kathy Griffin to Steve Wozniak himself been so coy as to whether or not Woz has remarried? Well, for starters, it would have clearly tipped My Life on the D-List's audience that the "romance" between the comedienne and the billionaire Apple cofounder was a sham, though since when has that stopped reality television producers? More likely because longtime friend and Apple education development executive Janet Hill is publicity-averse. (Though that didn't stop the pair from showing up for the publicity scrum at the latest iPhone release.) Why will we never know, officially, if the pair are truly wed?

According to Woz, the pair may or may not have married under California's century-old confidential civil arrangement, under which no witnesses are necessary and the marriage record is kept private. Only the bride, groom or a court order can pry it loose, so no fear of pesky gossips going to the county clerk's office and pulling a public record. It's fairly popular amongst the Hollywood celebrity set who don't want their nuptials to go out over the wire. Of course, to get said confidential marriage, the parties have to be living together. So either way, Janet and Woz, mazel tov!