Everyone loves to hate on hipsters and their neighborhood of Williamsburg, but the just-announced "Mr. and Ms. Williamsburg Pageant" sounds like it's going to be a little slice of awesome. Why? The sheer honesty of pageantry! Everyone parades down Bedford Avenue in their outfits, silently judging each other anyway—doing it with rules and a prize is so much better. (It's actually a relief to accept that yes, people are superficially judging you—nothing personal!) The contest is allegedly part of Misha Calvert's (pictured) community service—she was arrested for stealing some 40-ouncers and thought "why not put together something about a subject a lot of us are most passionate about: ourselves". Read on for the details—obviously we need to sponsor a contestant.Apparently there's a talent show and interview portion, as well as looks and clothes. There'll be some questions to judge "how Williamsburg" you are. It'll be held September 5th at Supreme Trading, and we'll definitely be reporting live. Also, I used to study fashion and costume design, so if we find a Gawker-approved contestant I can totally help with your outfits. We need to get beyond American Apparel for this one. I think a prarie/rustic look might be more appropriate for these times. Who's in? [Free Williamsburg]