Our own Tipster Amy, who keeps a very close eye on the odd website of musician/oversharer Ryan Adams, is wondering if perhaps Adams isn't missing his former recent ex-girlfriend Mandy Moore. First clue: The shaggy guitarist's homepage now carries the words "Wild Wild Hope" across the top, recalling the name of Moore's most recent album, "Wild Hope." Also: The supposed smelly narcissist made a list of things he would do if he were to desire to behave in a gentlemanly fashion. They include, "Say you are sorry while you still have the chance," which is kind of funny because it assumes a fuckup. The rest of Adams' tips are after the jump. You might learn something, cads!

Notice the last line there, "I miss you bug."

Sure, that could be Moore. But maybe it's Courtney Love, or Frances Bean Cobain, and Adams is about to pay both of them back and apologize WHILE HE STILL CAN (i.e. before Love stabs him to death). Stranger things have happened! (Disclaimer: A stranger thing has never happened.)