Oh, Rexie! The Internet micro-fame expert and boyfriend of the Huffpo's Rachel Sklar seems a bit shook up by our post about him yesterday—which honestly, by our standards, was fairly mild. "I wish I could remember my internet safe word," he Twittered. We'll congratulate him on the S&M reference, but Internet "friends" are irresponsible playmates that don't always stop when you're writhing on the floor, simultaneously begging for more and crying, "Red!" You know what else is fallout from microfame? This is how you know you've truly made it: somebody anonymous devotes 1,489 words to writing a fake chronicle of your sex life.

It's not really that riveting or particularly clever, but that's not the point: fake sex diaries are how you know you've made it as a micro-celeb (for a couple minutes.) Fake anything (Steve Jobs, Nick Denton) being created in your name is simply one of the Internet's strange customs. [Fake Sex Diaries]