Aw, the Washington Post thinks it's people! Or, at least, it thinks it's a blog. In a recent review of the new teen scene cool beans summertime jams Jonas Brothers album (titled, sexually, "A Little Bit Longer"), critic J. Freedom du Lac (srsly?) called oldest and homeliest Jonas brother Kevin "the other one." Naturally this sent the band's legion of lusty teens (and potentially Steve Guttenberg) into a tizzy and they sat down, pink foam ringing their mouths, to write angry missives. The Post then sarcastically mocked them, blog style!

In a profile of the pop group yesterday, du Lac identified the brothers as " Nick Jonas (15; the cute one), Joe Jonas (nearly 19; the hot one) and Kevin Jonas (20; the other one)." He also said Kevin "has the misfortune - or, perhaps, the great fortune - of being in a band with two guys who tend to overshadow him." These words caused offense in the Jonas community. The editors have decided that it's only fair to give the fans their say. Several of the dissenting e-mails are printed below, with unorthodox spelling and punctuation intact. As for du Lac and his immediate supervisor, they have been chastised severely and ordered to spend the rest of the week reorganizing Bob Woodward's scrapbook.

Hah! Brilliant. Though, actually, stop. That's our job. Not yours. Oh, and you should read some of the fan letters. Idolator (who we got this from) posted a few of them, and my favorite is below.

You do not have the right to criticize someone you don't even know! That's not right. That's biased. Ever heard the expression "Don't judge a book by its cover?" That DEFINATELY applies here. I bet if you were forced to spend a day with the Jonas Brothers, or just Kevin, you'd find out he's one of the sweetest, nicest guys around. So please stop hating on him. I thought only teenagers did that, but you're a grown man. GROW UP!

Yeah grown man, you should definately really grow up.