So apparently a hysterical new "non-partisan" group, started mostly by bitter supporters of Hillary Clinton, has been formed with a very important mission. The New Agenda will fight for paid maternity leave, affordable health care and fair pay for women. Or at least they will do those things once they are done getting Chris Matthews fired from his job as host of Hardball on MSNBC, which is at the top of their self-described "to-do list," because Matthews, a longtime Democratic Congressional aide, is at the nexus of all types of awful problems for women, including wife beating:

"The kind of language he uses and the kind of behavior he exhibits in the public domain toward women objectifies them and leads to bad things for our society and to domestic violence," the new group wrote in a comment (emphasis added) that has been mysteriously scrubbed from the original press release.

This, of course, is code for "Christ Matthews helped to destroy delicate Hillary Clinton's fragile shot at the presidency."

Here's a roundup of all the ways Matthews undermined the women of America:

  • Called Clinton a "she-devil." [Times]
  • Said Clinton only got where she as because her husband "messed around." [Ibid.]
  • Once said "Hillary Clinton bugs a lot of guys, I mean, really bugs people - like maybe me on occasion." [Gawker]
  • Accused staffers of treating him like "some rape victim" over teleprompter mishaps. [Ibid.]
  • "She's looking down on me. What do you think? Howie, she's looking down on me, that woman. She thinks she's better than me." [Media Matters]

Those are the big ones, if there's another remotely awful quote we should be aware of, do let us know.

Whatever one thinks of Matthews, a sometimes blustery but generally quite keen political observer, silencing him will only add to the easily-curated historical evidence that Clinton arrogantly disdains the press and, really, any criticism or scrutiny whatsoever. Wouldn't, say, passing some actual legislation do more for Clinton and other women?

Ah, but then there would be no quick and easy free press.

[Soup Cans via Mediabistro]