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It's been nearly two months since the town of East Hampton first began its crusade against Ron Baron, the investor accused of razing the 3,000-year-old dunes on his 40-acre beachfront property without obtaining the proper permits in advance. At the time, East Hampton threatened Baron with a $500-a-day fine until the problem was resolved and the "habitat was restored." Unfortunately, it turns out that $500 a day doesn't go very far when you're trying to scare a billionaire into submission.

The board now says Baron has yet to follow the order and remove the retaining wall he installed, and it's prepared to move to Plan B and file suit against Baron, a prospect the town would like to avoid since Baron is expected to "bring in a retinue of lawyers from New York City to fight the case." And here we were thinking that paying $103 million for a stretch of undeveloped land at the height of the real estate bubble was punishment enough!

Legal Action Authorized At Baron Estate []
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