When a giant fireball from a propane explosion lit up Toronto last week, killing two, a couple hundred gawkers dutifully recorded the disaster and uploaded it to YouTube. The impulse is sort of a weird one—the apocalypse will be liveblogged!—but whatever. As Alley Insider reports, two Youtube partners made Cloverfield-type scenes from the explosion—using footage of the actual blast shot by others, they didn't actually witness it. They probably didn't mean to trick anyone, but it created a skewed version of reality that was watched hundreds of thousands of times. (They're YouTube partners and stand to profit off their creations.) What can you do, though—the Internet is just a giant game of telephone. The revolution will be crowdsourced. (See what we're talking about after the jump.)So this video is pretty dorky, and if you couldn't already tell from the bad acting, they weren't really there to witness it. It got over 500,000 views on YouTube, though, and that's what's important.