Gossip Girl, our bitchiest teen soap about Manhattan rich kids glowing dimly, is currently filming at Columbia University (someone run up there and take pictures!) Which makes sense, cause, you know, it's New Yorky and the show loves to make references to all of the city's hotspots (Veselka! Butter! DUMBOsburg!) But, gasp, the scenes they're filming take place at Yale. How dare they confuse one set of rich kids with inflated senses of intellect and caste-like status with another? Plus the architecture is totes different.

Anyone who knows anything about academia knows that the neogothic architecture at the New Haven campus of Yale looks nothing at all like the neoclassical campus at Columbia.

It's true! Yale is gothic and château-esque, while Columbia is neoclassical and Washington National Mall-y. Surely the show's discerning and worldly audience will notice such audacity. What's next? Obama lived in Harkness? Anne Bogart is doing lovely work at Yale Drama? Balderdash! [Portfolio via Balk]