Hey internet trolls, troll-victims, and other people whose lives have been ruined by the buzzy, robotic forces of the internet! Would you like to go on television and share your woes with millions of Tyra Banks fans? If so, we have good news for you. Producers for the Tyra Banks Show, a talk show of sorts in which a thirty-something former model bellows about herself and her bowel movements for an hour, are looking for people to appear on an episode about the various wicked pitfalls of the web. "Have you or anyone you know had their life ruined because of the internet? Have something with blogs, myspace, facebook affected your entire life in a negative way? We want to hear your stories ASAP," the casting call pries. Yay! Now you can ruin your life all over again, in front of a larger audience! Here's hoping our dear old friend John Fitzgerald Page makes an appearance. Full casting notice is below.

[RealityWanted via Maura]