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John McCain's pick for his running mate, Sarah Palin, will be dropping by the Bay Area for a fundraising lunch hosted by Siebel Systems founder Tom Siebel and his wife Stacey. Don't worry, Republicans won't have to visit San Francisco and be pestered by illegal immigrants, environmentalists, activists judges or Siebel's new cousin-in-law, hunky God-mayor Gavin Newsom — the lunch will be held on Thursday, September 25th at the Siebel's manse in sleepy Woodside. How much will it cost you?$1,000 gets you a seat, another $1,500 gets you a McCain campaign pin, and if you can roll up $50,000 you get three pictures with the Alaskan governor. Get those donations and RSVPs in by September 22nd in order to reserve your spot at the table. If you want a report from the inside, LiveJournal blogger Jameth is offering sex toys and porn in exchange for donations to send him to the lunch. (Entirely fake image from Hollywood Newsroom)