Matt Drudge's sources tell the staff of Oprah are bitterly divided over Sarah Palin, John McCain's running mate: some thinking the daytime talk show host owes Barack Obama her continued loyalty; others wanting to respond to the flurry of requests on Oprah's website for an appearance by the twangy-voiced moose-hunting Republican vice-presidential nominee. And here's why they'll book her: Sarah Palin sells.

Her speech at the Republican convention drew as many viewers as Barack Obama's masterpiece last week in Denver; the newsweekly shelf at my local newsstand half-covered by the moose-hunter's smiling mug (see picture); and take a look at the most popular stories on Gawker this week.

Sarah Palin may not persuade the pantsuit-wearing supporters of Hillary Clinton to abandon their political beliefs in the interest of gender solidarity. But, as an attractive woman, she does bring something unique to the ticket. Much more so than a decrepit white man or even a handsome black man, she's a viable cover star appealing to both male and female audiences. And all the talk shows will fall over themselves to book her.