Democrats are always so disappointing when they talk about the economy in speeches. Barack Obama's speech last week, while good, was long on pandernomics and short on the sort of basic insight into the rational inadequacies of economic indicators etc. etc. that could actually win over people's minds. Of course, as we noted when we read that giant Times Magazine story on Obamanomics, such things do not exactly lend themselves to pithy soundbites! Maybe it takes a true leader who has actually run a business to explain this stuff. Meet Mitt Romney! He gave a speech on Wednesday that no one watched. They missed out, because it was crazy. We have boiled it down to 42 soundbiting seconds of tried-and-true Republican rhetoric! Watch and be schooled, Austan Goolsbee!And just for Mr. Dismal here is the speech in its (admittedly more contradictory!) entirety.