You know how doctors and elementary school principals all through the land are canceling their subscriptions to Us Weekly in the aftermath of the jihadist pinko rag's biased coverage of Sarah Palin? Well today we learned there may be a "silent majority" of folks who would be doing the exact same thing with the New York Post, right here in New York, but no one hears from them because they don't consume a few metric tons of gas just getting to work every day and are thus subjected to the presence of these innovative small businesses known as "newsstands" on a regular basis, and it is at these operations that liberal-leaning media consumers are casting their votes. "If I had a nickel for every friend of mine who told me they stopped buying the Post every time an election cycle hit," a Post employee told a Gawker operative today…well he'd probably be able to afford a copy of Italian Vogue! The point is, we know the Post's coverage of this Palin crap has been hard on all of you. Some of you may have quit reading it altogether! If so, here is some stuff you've missed. I scanned it in so we wouldn't have to link!

1. From a page of Post readers "sounding off" on Palin's performance in today's paper also featuring this profundity from one Joe DePascale, Brooklyn: Palin gave a great speech and shows that Obama is equivalent to Julie, the activity organizer on 'The Love Boat' TO WHICH WE CAN ONLY SAY So uh, "Hoppy" is one of those WASP nicknames that would indicate you are a card-carrying member of the plutocracy? Because otherwise you should be scared too, assmunch!

2. MOTOWN MAYOR PLEADS GUILTY Under "pressure" from Obama. What is interesting about this piece is that it would appear to contain no original reporting, just a benign quote from an anonymous Obama aide quoted in the Detroit Free-Press and some bullshit from one of those "consultant" people who will say anything. But see, what actually happened was that Obama made a public call for Kilpatrick to step down — which is different from some backroom black machine politics "mounting pressure" bullshit the piece describes — and seriously, he wouldn't have bothered had some outfit called Freedom's Defense Fund not been running ridiculous, unfounded campaign ads claiming the two of them were "friends." Of course, the Post does not bother to tell you about that. But hey, did you know he was called the "hip-hop mayor"?

3. Michelle: 2 Is Enough This ran today opposite a small piece about how "community organizers" are upset about being slighted by Sarah Palin. What it means: The Obamas, despite the fact that they are a lazy couple of community organizing whiners, can't handle any more than two children, because they are lazy and also "uppity," which is an old euphemism for "babykillers."

4. From yesterday's paper, wherein the Post convened a group of local women to watch the Palin speech. To which we can only say: Jesus fuck where did they find these people?

5. From today's paper, because given twenty-four hours to digest and fully consider the content of Sarah Palin's speech, it is abundantly clear Sarah Palin looks like Audrey Hepburn. Not that you'd learn that in the SEXIST MAINSTREAM MEDIA. And, just to give you an idea how many pages we considered and turned down for entry to this list, here's a runner-up: