Hey losers—it's the Democratic primary today in lovely New York Town. "So what," you're saying, "who cares? Are there love-children and hockey moms involved? Was anyone tortured by the Vietnamese?" No, but this election is much more important to you, the voter. Because in November, your vote won't count for shit. New York's electoral votes are a lock for Obama. But today you get to try to unseat the worst politician in all of New York state: Sheldon Silver, Speaker of the New York State Assembly. Silver represents everything wrong with Albany and the New York Democratic Party. He fights relentlessly against accountability and getting anything done to benefit New Yorkers. He rules through backroom dealmaking and no longer even pretends to represent his district. He killed congestion pricing without taking it to a vote on the floor. Blogger 99 lays out more of the case against him:

Sure, he stopped the West Side stadium, but you know, that's not his district. What he did least for his district is allow the ongoing evisceration of the Rent Stabilization Guidelines as a sap to Uncle Joe Bruno, as part of their two headed hydra control of the statehouse for the past fifteen years. The preeminent issue in his district and he's been nowhere since the word go, proving again and again that protection of his position comes at the expense of his constituents.

It'll only take a coulple thousand votes to finally get Silver out of office. So go out and vote for Paul Newell, Silver's 33-year-old community organizer (hey!) opponent. He was endorsed by the Times, the Daily News, AND the Post! And now us. Find your polling place here. [Photo: YoungManhattanite]