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Lawsuits Waiting to Happen, Vol. MCXVIII: Now that it's been rid of Bob Shaye and his 500-thread-count sheets, New Line's bed these days seems a friendlier habitat for Mike De Luca. The studio's ex-production boss reportedly plans to exercise its genre mandate with The Thirteenth Room, a novel adaptation whose rights NL acquired Monday and which De Luca is looking to produce. Stop us if you've heard the logline before, though: "[The book] follows a man accused of brutally murdering his wife who is given a chance to save her by going back in time, in one-hour increments. He puts together clues to figure out not only who killed her but why." De Luca thinks the whole thing's pretty crafty. "It has a great cinematic structure that unfolds in reverse," he told Variety. Meanwhile, we're waiting for word on whether Christopher Nolan's lawyers plan to follow the hot new Watchmen/Disturbia model of suing De Luca after he's shot his unofficial Memento revision. It's not a trend we're fond of, but neither are remakes. Call it even. [Variety]