If you don't feel the spirit of love in the artwork above, your heart is made of stone and your abs are likely flabby. What you see is the actual Valentine's Day present that Dave Zinczenko, editor of Men's Health and the most inspirational American next to Obama, received this year from his girlfriend, the Brit actress Melissa Milne. Eat your heart out, Julia Allison! Ladies, take a moment to soak up the romance of this gift. The painting is a one-of-a-kind special by Kurt Walters, the boyfriend of MH design director George Karabotsos. And the artist finds Dave Z to be a true inspiration: From Kurt Walters' blog:

Alright, my boyfriend George Karabotsos' boss David Zinczenko was telling me during an amazing dinner at Waverly Inn that I had to work on my blog more. Apparently I'm relatively witty, way too opinionated, and lead what some may think of as an interesting life. Gee, great, there's some easy criteria to follow.

On the romantic painting:

So this is the newest piece I've just finished. It's a portrait of my partner's boss David Zinczenko and his girlfriend Melissa Milne. She ordered it back around Christmas, and gave it to him on Valentine's Day. A rather surprising and original gift I think, sure beats a couple of long stem thorny flowers, and some chocolates.

Zinczenko: A man of passion. [Kurt Walters]