Yesterday we told you about the current Real World: Crooklyn cast that is filming all over our trendiest borough, and its maybe-gay (?) Mormon virgin fellow who the producers are trying to get laid. Because, ha ha ha, it's fun to watch people violate all they stand for and cheat on their fiances. Totes hilars. Some of you, based on his scarf and Elvis Costello glasses getup (and just the general sexiness of fucking some wholesome Mormon kid, I guess) said you'd deflower him if the situation was right. Well now, from our friend at Driven By Boredom, we have photos of said Mormon lad for you to assess. Now, will you be his very first bone? Take a look at the above photo, and the couple after the jump. We think he's cute, sure, but there's something so cultivated about his look. It just seems a bit forced. Maybe too forced... And, hah! These kids are really making the rounds. A funny tipster saw them at East Village shit hut Angels & Kings last night:

So I'm chillin, tryin to enjoy my Ciroc open bar for Gym Class Heroes record release party at Angels & Kings, and this camera crew add 3 total douchey douchingtons roll up with their fucking fluorescent horizontal beam of hellish light to film. It was confirmed to me that it was the Real World. So, they DO leave Brooklyn. Apparently they've been coming to Angels and Kings, probably cause it's one of the only bars that'll actually let them, there. All my life I've wanted to cause a ruckus, but in the midst of the camera crew and others who would judge, I simply threw some lime wedges and, on their walk out, an elbow jab. How pathetic. But it would've been more pathetic had I caused a ruckus. "Look at this loser trying to get attention" the people would cry. Anyway it's not much of a story but blonde faux hawk boy was there, and this dude that looked like Blake Sennett from Rilo Kiley except he was wearing a tilted, fully curved frat boy hat. Now THAT's a story!