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It's gotta be some kind of world record: A former (we're guessing: fired) Verizon technician in New Jersey spent 15 weeks' time in the past 40 weeks on sex-chat lines. WCBS-TV has the minimal info available so far:

NEW YORK (CBS) ― A former Verizon technician racked up $220,000 in phone-sex calls by tapping into the land lines of nearly 950 customers, authorities charged on Tuesday. Joseph Vaccarelli, 45, of Nutley, NJ, made approximately 5,000 calls, resulting in 45,000 minutes of call time, Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli said in a news release. Vaccarelli placed the calls in about 30 municipalities in Bergen County, according to the release. Verizon estimated that out of a 40-week period, Vaccarelli spent 15 weeks talking on 900 chat lines, authorities alleged.