From the complaint department re: Alex Balk:

"hello, i was not quite sure where to send this email.. so i just decided to send it to this onw..but the email is directed at "balk" whoever this is.. i think its just simply disgusting to write this sentence: "No wonder the Turks tried to genocide these people out of existence. If we....." im armenian, and i dont really care about kim kardashian and her butt.. but writing this sentence is just stupid and ruthless.. and actually not funny at all..and im sure many people share the same opinion it seems like you dont know really what happened, otherwise you wouldnt write this.. you dont have to know about it actually...but as soon as you are using it in your article, you should know what you are writing about this probably is not going to be taken seriously, but it made me feel better

I'm glad. That is a rude thing to write.