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AT&T's service agreement runs to 8,000 words — about twice the length of a Wired magazine feature. But it still doesn't list all the details. You'll have to hit the Web for AT&T's 2,500-page guidebook. California state regulators blame themselves for loosening rules in hopes of increasing competition. I went through the Los Angeles Times's summary (written by former San Francisco Chronicle consumer advocate David Lazarus) and pulled out the two lines you need to read:

"You also agree to pay for all charges for services provided under this agreement even if such calls were not authorized by you."

Regulators say this line makes it nearly impossible for customers to get out of paying for fraud or errors charged to their bill — even if they're added by AT&T.

"If you do not agree with the provisions of this agreement, your sole option is to cancel your services ... within 30 days after receipt of this agreement," it says.

I should've made it my lead: Quit now!