Hey, Washington DC is getting its very own newspaper fashion magazine! The New York Times has T, which makes enough money to pay for the other, real news bureaus; the Wall Street Journal has its new glossy weekend magazine, which debuted with a model on the cover; and now the Washington Post has decided to celebrate DC's fashionistas with... a "newspaper insert"?

A release states that it is "aimed at sophisticated shoppers in the Washington, D.C.-metro area. FW will capture the hottest trends in fashion as well as the local designers, boutique owners and famous faces making up the increasingly stylish DC-scene."

FW, I imagine, stands for "Please forward me to New York, where enough style exists to fill an entire magazine." FishbowlDC notes its "small size, few articles and the fact that it is sized like a newspaper insert," and doubts whether it can beat the other DC society mags. That's because DC style consists of either power suits and tuxedos on the high end, or thermals, high socks, and cutoff Da Link Went t-shirts on the low end. I've seen it in action, and it's not pretty. [FishbowlDC]