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Megan Fox's bracing candor in the new issue of GQ continued to captivate readers today, with her stripper-wooing antics and confession that "Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands" stirring both deep resentments and arousal among animal-loving lesbian fetishists around the world. The sexless Defamer investigative crew, meanwhile, had more specific interests in mind: Olivia Wilde is lovely enough, but who exactly is "Nikita," the Body Shop stripper Fox claimed to have had a brief, intense fling after relocating to LA a few years ago at age 18? It's funny — when we called The Body Shop this afternoon, a veteran employee there wondered the same thing!Told about the Fox story and asked if he knew a Nikita, the man who answered the phone replied in brusque, Slavic-accented tones. "No," he said."No Nikita." This would have been back around 2004, maybe 2005. We know it was a long time ago, but — "No, we haven't had Nikita. But lots of girls come and go." He said he'd been there 13 years, but responded with silence when asked his name and position. "Everybody's coming and going. They work one day, two days, one week. It's like this." But no Nikita? "No." Click. We were worried about this, particularly after Fox doth protested too much to her interviewer about her high-octane acknowledgment projecting "a Lindsay Lohan vibe" and asking, "Are you going to push an ‘Is she a lesbian' angle?" Well, kind of, though we'd technically need another girl before buying into all the Aerosmith ballad-dancing and Fox's lovelorn urgings to Nikita to leave the lifestyle. Still — we want to believe! If "yes Nikita," there surely must be some Body Shop regular or former patron who can put a name to the date or — better yet — a face to the name. Operators are standing by! [Photo Credit: GQ]