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Recently, things had been looking up for singer George Michael: not only had he embarked on his first world tour in years, but his music received another moment in the cultural spotlight thanks to the whimsical ABC series Eli Stone. (Here at Defamer, though, we'll maintain that his most triumphant turn of late was leading the insurrection against a held-hostage Dr. Phil at the Forum in June). Alas, all good things must come to and end, and for Michael, that fluorescent-lit endpoint was once again found in a public men's room:

George Michael was arrested in London Friday after being discovered with what police term say were Class A and a Class C drugs, according to reports Sunday. The singer, 45, was cautioned and has not been charged. A Scotland Yard press spokesman says, "A 45-year-old man male was arrested on Sept. 19 in the Hampstead Heath area on suspicion of the possession of drugs." ...While the spokesman also would not identify the type of drugs, reports have said that they included crack cocaine, which is termed a Class A drug in the U.K. The reports say that Michael, who lives nearby with his long-term partner Kenny Goss, was arrested at an underground public men's room.

This is not the singer's first Hampstead Heath embarassment — in 2006, he was caught cruising the park for an after-hours father figure. Perhaps Michael could benefit from adding a new location to his bag of tricks? (No, not that kind of "tricks.") We hear David Duchovny has a great Arizona vacation home... [Photo Credit: AP]