Sex is fun! Sex scandals are even more fun. Movies are also a good time, so one of our lovely advertisers has decided to sponsor a little contest involving just those three things. After the jump you'll find a list of famous sexual liaisons, and all you have to do is name the celebrity that matches up with the once-secret lover. Of the readers who name all five correctly, one, randomly selected, will win a year's subscription to Netflix. Details after the jump! Name the celebrity that matches up with the once-secret lover.... 1. Ashley Dupre 2. Marla Maples 3. Balthazar Getty 4. Rielle Hunter 5. Edward Brooke Email us your answers at contests at gawker dot com. The deadline for submissions is Thursday, September 25th, by 6pm EST. As always, standard contest rules apply. Sponsored by Choke: From the Author of 'FIGHT CLUB'. In Theatres Friday. Watch the trailer here.