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When we revealed that an agency retained by JPMorgan Chase to collect outstanding debts had resorted to harrassing debtors' kids by posting nasty messages on MySpace, we didn't realize who Jamie Dimon was messing with. Meet Gina Ricobene. She's the daughter of Jim Ricobene, the man suing the bank because Gina found a message on her MySpace page threatening to put her dad behind bars if he didn't come up with the cash to pay off the loan on his Mercedes.

As you can tell from her "About me" section, Gina is not someone you want to rumble with. Sure, she says she's a "pretty laid back person," and Jamie might have thought she'd be a push-over given her recreational habits ("I like getting fu**ed up on a daily basis!"). But don't think for a moment Gina is going to allow some middle-aged in a silk tie and gold cufflinks man to front. As she puts it herself, "I hate bitches that run there [sic] mouth!"

Step foot in Cook County, Illinois at your own risk, Jamie.

Shortie12 [MySpace via FT Alphaville]