So. That Couric interview? Didn't seem to instill much confidence in anyone that we're dealing with anything other than a stunt that's gone horribly awry, like suspending a campaign to fix the economy. Like, people who thought she was dumb are shocked at just how dumb. (Or incurious, whatever you want to call it! You can't be a complete idiot and be a successful politician in Alaska, after all.) (That was a joke.) So would it maybe alarm you to know that her insane answers to Katie's pretty standard-issue questions were based off of pre-written notes? That's the contention, anyway, of some DailyKos diarist, whose proof is that Palin appears to look down a couple times. If she did have notes, she sounds like she got them from the dumbest kid in class. Honestly, what did these notes say? "MAKE NO SENSE"??