Yahoo's photo-sharing site is carefully policed by Heather Champ, the site's longtime community manager, Chris Colin reports in the San Francisco Chronicle. But who shall watch the watchmen? Colin reports an outrageous incident that would have been marked adults-only had it been photographed and posted on Flickr.

Back in the conference room, the morning meeting winds down, and attention drifts to the window of an adjoining office. On the other side, another Flickr employee smiles politely through the glass. Then he turns his back to us and lowers his pants to his ankles. It's a full and excellent moon, and our room delivers a restrained golf clap.

Had that happened in Yahoo's more restrained Sunnyvale headquarters, I'd bet a pink slip would have been delivered instead. Colin doesn't tell readers who it was, leaving us to guess. Review Flickr's staff list, and place your bets in the comments.