Hey, has somebody confused Neal Boulton's e-mail address with mine? 'Cause we get a lot of messages for and about the admittedly charming, bisexual editor of Genre mag. Whether it's bitter screeds from angry ex-lovers, or girls who saw him at the bar last night and felt it in their hearts to send us a message (encouraged by whom, I wonder?) telling us that he's cute, we have seen no shortage of Neal drama up in here. Item! Boulton's been seen leaving 1633 Broadway—home of MTV—several times. Is he developing a pilot with MTV? He'd like us to know that he might be. "What's up darlin," the e-mail begins.(Neal, I am only swayed by cash and alcohol, dollface!)

"Yeah, I have had several meetings with the MTV Network folks, yes. And yes, they have asked that I work on two pilots. One for a digital show, and the other for a show I created. But just stay tuned America anyone out there can make a pilot—the trick is getting it on the air. And who knows. God knows I love the camera, but—just stay tuned."

Good rumor control, Neal! Even though you may have started the rumor. Oh, and here's the P.S., from a previous e-mail:

"Page Six magazine is doing an at home with me and Claire soon. They shot it and interviewed us already. It's hilarious because Claire during the interview proves that she is much wilder than I am. I'll let you know when it comes out."

We're sure he will.