As if creating 30 Rock and archly hosting Weekend Update all those years didn't make Tina Fey enough of a nerdy "it" girl, along came Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin to really put the former Saturday Night Live head writer's celebrity over the top. Fey's star is now burning so bright that bidding on her vague, unwritten proposal for a book of "nonfiction humor" started at $5 million and is now close to $6 million. And that's without Fey doing any meetings — her agent's been handling it — because she just doesn't have time for such trivialities. Reports Keith Kelly at the Post:

A source said that there is no proposal and that Fey, who has made two return appearances on SNL to satirize Palin, has been too busy to meet with publishers face to face.

It's also worth noting that 30 Rock, where Fey is an executive producer and cast member, is no doubt gearing up for its season premiere at the end of October. So she is, indeed, truly busy. (And also: Since when do you need a face-to-face to buy the woman's book? Not familiar with her?)

But Fey would be well-advised to move before the country gets over its curious fascination with Palin.