Google is, like, everywhere. It tells you how to find everything. It runs everything on the internet. Happily for human sanity, Google maintains its status as massive dark lord of information without running a huge amount of normal consumer advertising, or plastering its logo over every bus stop and baseball stadium. Because the company is smart enough to know that if it advertised at a level proportional to its scale, everyone would get sick of it. But maybe Google's changing its mind!

The search giant has recently held discussions with several Madison Avenue agencies, including Wieden + Kennedy and the boutique firm Taxi New York, about new efforts to promote some products, according to people familiar with the matter. In August, Google launched an advertising effort in Japan that included outdoor and online ads created by Wieden + Kennedy, which is best known for its Nike "Just do it" campaign.

Just what the world needs: a Google ad campaign that will make its logo as ubiquitous as Nike's. Will it be as spectacularly muddled as Microsoft's new campaign? Or will Wieden bring its trademark "Balls in your face" style to the internet world? Either way: why even start, Google? [WSJ; pic via Laughing Squid]