An anonymous 27-year-old who's just lost his job as an investment banker is auctioning off his "gay virginity" to the highest bidder. He says he's straight and that he looks like The O.C.'s Adam Brody (pictured). What with the economy a mess and him owing $32K in credit card debt, he promises the highest bidder 30 minutes of hot man-on-man sexytimes. Unless you like anal, because he won't give that up.

What I am explictly offering as part of this auction is the following - I will wear the same suit that I wore at my job interview at my ex-firm. I will meet the winner in a 100% LEGAL setting such as either at a licensed brothel in Nevada or Rhode Island, and I will spend some time having a drink with them, hanging out with them, laughing, breaking the ice, and so on. Afterwards, I will deliver what I would consider to be the ideal blowjob / handjob combination until the winner has an orgasm or 30 minutes passes whichever comes first. Sorry but no anal activity of any kind is part of this offer!

If his website is to be believed (and who knows?!) the bidding is already up to $21,000. [via Guanabee]