Do you remember when Cameron Crowe, the writer and director of lovely little funny/sad movies like Say Anything... and Almost Famous (Kate Hudson! was good! in that movie!), made that thing Elizabethtown, that was essentially about how Orlando Bloom would be dead on the ground if a gun were pressed to his head and he was asked to act and about how Kirsten Dunst will take photos of you with her imaginary camera? Yeah, it was almost the worst movie ever made (poor, poor Judy Greer). So Crowe should probably try to hit his next one out of the park, considering E-town and his previous effort Vanilla Sky (actually kind of good, rewatch) both tanked, critically and at the box office. So with that comeback in mind, when you think of "guaranteed crowd-pleaser" you immediately think of Ben Stiller, Reese Witherspoon, and a volcano, right? Well, Cameron sure does! According to Chud, Crowe's new film incorporates all three of those things:

The untitled adventure comedy has Stiller starring as disgraced weapons consultant Brian Gilcrest who has to journey to Hawaii to launch an advanced spy satellite in response to an unspecified impending threat from China, but apparently something different than their next batch of preschool gymnasts. The Islanders, of course, are all for helping out, as long as their Hawaiian gods are down. This shouldn't be a problem for Gilcrest, as long as he can make good with one little quid pro quo the gods demand: tossing a sacrifice into the erupting volcano. What's even more diabolical is that, somewhere along the way, Gilcrest runs into former flame, Traci (Witherspoon) and her family and has to deal with the one that got away as he goes on a journey of self-discovery on the island.

So yes, it is the lunaticiest idea ever. Let alone the fact that it's sorta already been made, it just doesn't sound like the grounded, relaxed stuff he's best at doing. It's the exact opposite. That said, I can't wait to see it. Yay for twee, plinky-plink retro wist-pop soundtracks! Oh, heh! I guess this news is a bit old. Here is some more info on the disastrous project.