Hey, the New York Sun is dead. Sad! It was a newspaper, and we all love newspapers. Their editorial stance was despicable, but they had a great sports section. We've been through all this already. No point in dredging up old fights. But! There are still stories about Sun founder and editor Seth Lipsky that are maybe worth your attention. Like did you know he stole everyone's lunch?

As the newspaper industry had transformed - with formerly working-class, hardboiled "reporters" becoming professional-class, college-educated "journalists" - Lipsky is defiantly old-school, an oddball character with an almost Dickensian quality. Normal office etiquette did not apply to him. "He has a tendency to call you at all hours of the day, to email you at all hours of the day," Lake says. One former editorial page staffer recalled how Lipsky rigged the office fire bell to ring whenever he dialed a certain number from his home - he didn't think people were answering his calls quickly enough before. At one point, he was widely suspected as the culprit responsible for stealing staff lunches from the office refrigerator.

Ha ha it's funny because Lipsky was also famous for supposedly expensing his lavish lunches to the struggling paper. Lunch brought down the Sun! Spread the word!