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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick took home their adopted twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha, last week. Now they've released a photo of the whole family. Cute! And a nice palate cleanser after all the sordid Michael Jackson news the past few days, no? [People]
• Speaking of grim details from the Jackson case, here's what you may have missed over the last day or so: The doctor at Jackson's house couldn't call 911 for more than half an hour because he couldn't find a working phone (Jackson disconnected them for "privacy reasons); drugs, insiders says, were most likely the cause of death (duh); and Jackson's last will, which dates back to 2002, provided for his kids and mom, but cut his father out completely. [TMZ]

• Anna Kournikova got into a fight on Saturday night in Las Vegas after woman threw a drink at the tennis pro. [P6]
• Chris Brown was supposed to take the stage at the BET Awards last weekend, but the plan was nixed at the last minute. [NYDN, P6]
• Drea de Matteo is joining the cast of Desperate Housewives. [NYDN]
• Poor Abigail Breslin makes as much as $2 million a movie, but the child star's allowance is just $13 a week. [People]
Us Weekly spent $120,000 on exclusive rights to Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett's wedding in LA last weekend, but then got screwed when Jackson died and they had to put him on the cover instead. [P6]
• After a round of tense contract negotiations, Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni have agreed to return to Law & Order: SVU. [People]
• Where is Bubbles, Jackson's beloved chimp? He's spent the last four years at a primate sanctuary in Florida, in case you were wondering. [People]