Moby is a maker of annoying electronic music, a gentrification-contributor due to his Lower East Side vegan tea-shop, and a very rich man who's invested in Manhattan real estate. He's also out at basically every media party/clusterfuck in town, on the scene and ready to be quoted. Yet, we are still mean to him. That's why he asked our publisher at a recent party, "Why are Gawker commenters so mean? Why can't I be a beloved neighborhood figure?"Well, we don't know, Moby, we hear from multiple sources that you are very endearing! But come on: you can "free Tibet" and be concerned about deforestation and moan about the gentrification of the city (that you are contributing to) all you want—but you're still a capitalist who just sold some multimillion dollar property in the East Village to a Texan natural-gas broker. Chalk it up to a difference in philosophy. [Curbed; NY Observer]