After three presidential debates, everyone has a pretty good idea of what they'll be able to mock (gently at first) about their next president. For George W. Bush it was his cocky, frat-boy persona and mispronunciations. That stopped being funny real fast. If Barack Obama wins, mockery will get more difficult, but he does tend to start sentences with "I believe" this and "I think" that. So arrogant and elitist, God! Plus, the ears. John McCain, meanwhile, says "my friends" too much and, especially tonight, blinks like a maniac. How erratic! Also, he pulls all kinds of just weird sarcastic faces when he's not interrupting people, as seen in the graphic at left, which appears to have already been crafted from tonight's footage. (In came from somewhere on Tumblr, but we don't yet know who made it.) McCain may be behind in the polls, but Saturday Night Live should really be in the tank, in its own self-interest.