We interrupt the regular schedule to offer this important announcement: You may have noticed yet another intriguing feature added to our ever-evolving commenting boards: collapsed comments. Understandly, some of you have expressed dismay that your comments have been reduced to the first few words, their remainder shoved away into a digital drawer by some clutter-averse Type-A in Defamer's Feedback Development Sciences department. There's a handy loophole to the feature, however:If you follow other commenters by clicking the heart beneath their user name, turning it red, all their comments will appear in their full, singeingly witty glory. (We can also solve the problem by awarding you star status, which also gives you top priority; we promise to do more of that around here, just as soon as we receive the cupcake gift baskets you have undoubtedly already called in for delivery.) Also, if you haven't yet discovered the exciting "Feedback" link at the bottom of our homepage, we invite you to do so immediately. Simply inputting your Defamer-related frustration or suggestion will whisk it off via pneumatic intertube to HQ, whereupon one of our 24-hour service hedgehogs will instantly leap into action to address it. That is all! Carry on.