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Martha MacCallum may look like just another cutesy blonde anchor on Fox News. But it seems she has a darker side, too. A tipster tells us MacCallum threw quite the tantrum yesterday at a parking garage around the corner from the studios of Fox News when she turned up with her daughter in tow and her BMW wasn't waiting for her with the keys in the ignition. The outrage!

Infuriated that someone of her importance wasn't being treated with the the respect normally given to a B-list cable news anchors, our tipster heard her shout at the attendant, "Do you know who I am? Do you have any clue? I'm on Fox News!"

MacCallum dressed down the garage employee for a several more minutes as her teenage daughter—who looked a bit nonplussed about the meltdown—stood by. Eventually, she gave up on her war on inconsiderate parking attendants, jumped into the BMW SUV, and screeched off—leaving the garage personnel looking a bit confused.

Maybe the parking attendants prefer to get their news from CNN?