Face it, Sarah Palin is now a fixture among the East Coast elite whether she wins or loses Nov. 4. The Republican vice presidential nominee has lodged herself like some kind of tumor in the media psyche. Saturday Night Live is quite lucratively obsessed with her, as are newspapers, magazines, websites, the list goes on basically forever. And now, says the Hollywood Reporter, "producers and agents across the entertainment world" want her to star in a daytime talk show, news program or reality TV series, at least in between her attempts to rule the free world.

No one has made the Alaska governor an offer just yet. Presumably they'll wait either until right after her ticket loses or a good deal longer after it wins. But declining poll numbers for John McCain have them convening internal meetings over what to offer her, according to the Reporter.

The odds-on favorite idea is a show like Oprah Winfrey's, with a Sean Hannity-style news and opinion program a distance second. Then there's the wild-card reality show idea — " The Osbournes meets Northern Exposure" as the Reporter put it.

Palin has a couple of years left in her term as Alaska governor, and the goals of a politician (be serious and, well, politic, i.e. judicious) tend to conflict with those of a media personality (draw attention by being provocative). But given that Palin seems to pulling off both right now on the campaign trail, maybe she could do so every day in front of TV camera, especially if she doesn't have to comment on the daily news cycle (as in the Oprah scenario).

That certainly must be more attractive to the ambitious politician, in the event of a McCain loss, than slinking back to the obscurity of Alaska. But there's no need for Palin to take on a full-time gig. She has Lorne Michaels' number, after all. And Bill O'Reilly's , Sean Hannity's, Oprah Winfrey's....