• The average person consumed 32.2 hours of TV each week this summer. It's a new record. And it's all thanks to the quality programming that cable channels have been putting on the air the last few months, obviously. [NYP]
• The bad news for newspapers is getting worse: Ad sales dropped by 29% during the second quarter, which means newspapers have $2.8 billion less in their (already empty) pockets than they had at this time last year. [AP]
• Related: Please take the time this weekend to read the massive story about Hurricane Katrina in the New York Times Sunday magazine. It cost the paper and ProPublica a record-setting $400,000 to produce. [CJR]
• Because Nightline feels left out of the war between Conan and Letterman, the show is launching a campaign to remind you that it still exists. [AdAge]

• Glenn Beck's Fox News show has lost 46 advertisers in recent weeks. The controversy hasn't done much to diminish his ratings, though. [LAT, Atlantic]
The New Yorker has a new managing editor. And she's only 26. [NYO]
• Music execs are hoping the release of Whitney Houston's comeback album next week signals a comeback for the music biz, too. Unlikely. [Reuters]
• Want to buy Trader or Cigar Report? A bankruptcy court tried to auction off the magazines that Doubledown Media once published, but no acceptable bids were submitted. They're still entertaining offers, though, so if you've got a $20 bill in your wallet to burn, you may want to consider reaching out. [Folio]