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We really hoped we'd live to see the day come when Diana Taylor, the patient, soft-spoken woman who serves as New York City's de facto first lady, would find herself embroiled in messy, embarrassing scandal. It looks like that day has arrived, unfortunately. The New York Post reports that Taylor wore the same dress and the same hat to the Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton two years in a row. Could it be true?

There's no doubt, according to the Post. And her attempts to cover up the truth totally failed:

Same lingerie-pink dress. Same wide-brim blue flower hat. Same boyfriend. Same event.

With a quick change of accessories—Taylor swapped last summer's black shoes, gold cuff and pearls for bow-front heels with aqua beading and turquoise studs and cuff—the Big Apple's first girlfriend attempted an update. And failed.

Maybe she was acting out of solidarity with the average New Yorker, someone who can't necessarily afford to buy a new outfit every time she goes out? Maybe she was looking to counter Mayor Bloomberg's recent statements which have suggested he's out of touch with ordinary New Yorkers? Okay, fine, she was attending a horse show in the Hamptons, which doesn't exactly scream "I'm one of you." Still. Given her boyfriend's fashion sense, we're inclined to think she's entitled to a pass just this once.