What if you were filming a somewhat cheesy reality show and all of a sudden it turned into a gripping, important documentary? That's happened to Wall Street Warriors, that reality show about finance people that's currently running its second season. The producers have been filming a third season since April, and their cameras have caught all the drama of the bank closings and stock market crashes that have plagued us this autumn. Good stuff, I bet. And the realization of a dream for reality show producers who, you know, are all wannabe documentarians anyway. But, uh oh, they have nowhere to air it. Mojo HD, the obscure cable network for people with High Def televisions, announced it was shutting down a few weeks ago, so now Warriors producers are looking for a new home for the show. "We're filming history," said Sean Skelton, co-creator and producer the series. "It's been exciting, but also difficult to watch these people, who we've been following for sometime now, become unraveled." I hope they find a new network for it—or turn it into a documentary feature or something—because I haven't seen quite enough terror and panic these past few months.