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Just when you thought another person couldn't get in on all the Gossip Girl action, designer Anna Sui unveiled a line for Target inspired by none other than Gossip Girl. On Wednesday evening, Target previewed the collection at a Soho townhouse-turned-pop-up shop for a group of Anna's friends, GG cast members like Blake Lively, Taylor Momsen, Michelle Trachtenberg, Penn Badgley and Jessica Szohr, members of the press, and assorted boldfaced names. Cityfile correspondent Douglas Marshall caught up with Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Killoren Bensimon to chat about Gossip Girl and other important stuff like preparing for Fashion Week and achieving the perfect tan.

Q: So Anna Sui for Target was inspired by Gossip Girl. Do you watch the show?

A: YES! First of all Matthew Settle [who plays Rufus Humphrey on the show] is a really good friend of mine. I've known him forever. I love Gossip Girl and I think Blake Lively is the prettiest girl on TV. I just love the show. It's really really fun and it's all about New York. It's sexy, it's funny, it's charming, it's catty, it's chatty. It's fun New York TV!

Q: Does Real Housewives of New York City ever feel like an episode of Gossip Girl, especially when there are moments of drama?

A: You could take what we are filming now and you would think it was Mean Girls! But I'm having such a great time with all these women that it's like a totally new show for me. I feel like I'm on a totally different TV show compared to last season.

Q: So you're filming the third season now? When will that air?

A: It comes out in February.

Q: In the world of Gossip Girl, which character is you? Are you a Blair or a Serena?

A: Probably more or a Serena [Blake Lively]. Yes, probably more of her. But an older version, though.

Q: If Blair and Serena got into a cat fight, who would win? Who would you put money on?

A: I don't know! I don't like to do that. I feel like nobody wins in a fight.

Q: Fair enough. Okay, so you're a beautiful woman and you're always so well put together. What's your secret? How do you look good and still live it up during Fashion Week?

A: First of all, when in doubt, there are always tea bags. If you have two seconds, put a couple warm tea bags over your eyes; it will really help with all the puffiness. The tea also goes into your skin a little bit and you'll look a little bit tanner. When you're hung over and you feel like you're pale, tea bags will help give you a "warmer" look.

Q: You should have your own skin care line! Is that in the works? Maybe you can partner with Ramona?

A: Everyone always says that. Another tip I have is that if you are feeling worn out, get a tan. If you're tan and you have mascara on, you will always look better. Go with any kind of self-tanner.

Q: You are always tan. What do you do to keep it that way? Is it real sun, a bronzer, some other self-tanner of some sort?

A: I wasn't in the sun that much this year because I've been working so much. But I'm pretty tan to begin with. Darker skin runs in my family. I also wear a lot of Dr. Hauschka's products and moisturizer on my face. And then I mist it up with spray tanner, so my skin is always evenly toned. I don't want to look like that jaundice girl. I want to look like the pretty girl!

Q: You are the pretty girl! And your skin is healthy! What do you do to take care of it?

A: I run, I drink a lot of water, I get a lot of sleep. I don't really drink that much. And I don't smoke cigarettes.

But I do like to have a lot of fun. I'm out at parties all the time, but I don't stay out all night. There's always the moment that comes when I tell everyone, "It's time for me to go home and get my 8 hours!"