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• Mischa Barton went to see "Tosca" at the Metropolitan Opera the other night. Naturally, when she showed up and saw a red carpet, she started walking it... until she realized it was for the screening of Michael Moore's new documentary at Alice Tully Hall. It was then that the light bulb went on and she ran across the street. Pull it together, woman! [P6]
• Jessica Simpson can't catch a break. Tony Romo ditched her; her dog got snatched by a coyote; her friends keep dishing to the media; and now her ex, Nick Lachey, appears to be reuniting with his ex, Vanessa Minnillo. Poor Jess. [E!]
Tyra Banks appeared on Larry King Live last night and talked about how she dealt with packing on some lbs (again), her real hair (again), and how she loves being naked (unless the lighting in the dressing room sucks). [CNN, ET]

One Day at a Time star Mackenzie Phillips slept with her own father, and the relationship became consensual. Um, conversations like this should probably be kept between oneself and one's therapist, not included in a new tell-all book. Oh wait, she's also talking about it on Oprah. [People, Us]
• Swollen, doughy Kevin Federline will appear on Celebrity Fit Club when it premieres this February. His ex, Shar Jackson, and Bobby Brown will also be on. Once again, it appears that some reality exist for no other reason than to give sad stars with drug problems/no real talent a paycheck. [People, TMZ]
• Jason Segal and Chloe Sevigny really do seem to be a couple. If making out post-Emmy-party and driving away together makes you a couple. [P6]
• Julia Roberts has pissed off a lot of people in India by surrounding herself with 350 security guards while she films Eat, Pray, Love. And for blocking access to a local temple, too. [The Sun, NYP]
• Now that he's in the middle of divorcing Katie Lee Joel, it looks like Billy Joel has a new, younger brunette in his life. [OK!]
• Stick-thin fashion stylist Rachel Zoe may soon have people saying whispering that she's bulimic. She had to bolt before starting an interview the other day because she "said she was going to throw up on air." [P6]
• Reports that Anna Nicole Smith had a sexual relationship with one of her doctors are total BS, explains the guy's lawyer, because the doctor is gay. But the good doctor was also spotted kissing and nuzzling Anna Nicole's neck at a nightclub. Oh, and her other doctor, her shrink, got naked with Anna Nicole in a hot tub. Do these seem like inappropriate doctor-patient relationships to anyone else? [NYDN, TMZ]
• In other Anna Nicole news, new charges are being brought against Howard K. Stern. He's now facing 11 felony charges for his alleged role in Anna's spiral into drug addiction. [TMZ]
• Woody Harrelson quit eating dairy to clear up his skin, he says. Dude, there's also Proactiv. That's what other celebs do. [P6]
• Sarah Michelle (Gellar) Prinze and Freddie Prinze Jr. welcomed a daughter, Charlotte Grace Prinze, on Saturday. [People, Us]
• She was married to film exec Alex Young for like five minutes, and now Kate Walsh is moving on with a new guy who nobody has ever heard of. [People]
• Heather Locklear is set to reprise her role as evil Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place. Now maybe more people will start watching the show. [People]
• Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde and others appear in a new PSA spoof that pokes fun of health insurance companies. [Funny or Die]
• Suri Cruise is three years old... and is wearing heels already. [People]
• Lindsay Lohan chucked a can of Amstel Light at the paparazzi, but by the looks of it, they totally deserved it. [3am]
• Amy Winehouse showed up at a London school the other day, spit on a schoolgirl who she thought was the bully of her goddaughter, insulted the girl, then signed autographs and left. That Amy, she's all class. [Radar]